Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance in Kansas

While it is the same process to apply for registering your classic car as it is for any other type of vehicle in Kansas, you’ll find that you have to do things differently when you’re getting classic car insurance. Experts at The Insurance Hub LLC, serving Wichita, KS, and beyond can assist you with this matter.

Factors That Determine What’s a Classic Car for Insurance

It’s a good idea to do your research before you begin shopping for classic car insurance. This way, you’ll know if your vehicle meets the criteria to be considered a classic car and what this entails. Though different organizations don’t agree on the age of a vehicle, one common definition from The Antique Automobile Club of America states that the car should be more than 25 years old. Kansas considers a vehicle to be antique when it’s more than 35 years old. Consult with a reputable insurance provider in your area to get the most accurate information on this topic.

Know Your Coverage Options for Classic Car Insurance

Many insurance companies offer a range of coverage options for your classic car insurance policy. Ask plenty of questions to determine what’s available. Discuss your personal situation with your vehicle and what you expect to do with it. For instance, if your classic car will remain in a garage or another storage space most of the time, you may qualify for lower insurance rates than if you were driving and traveling to shows with this car. Since a classic car must be kept in a certain condition to qualify for this insurance, you’ll want to learn exactly what this means. This includes low mileage and maintaining specific aspects of the vehicle.

Once you visit an insurance agency and provide details about your vehicle, they will come up with an agreed value that you could receive if there’s a covered total loss of your classic car.

Insurance Done Right in Kansas

If you’re in the market for classic car insurance, you will do well to talk to a professional at The Insurance Hub LLC. Classic car owners in the greater Wichita, KS can meet their insurance needs with the help of our firm.

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