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Renters Insurance in Kansas

If you are renting an apartment or home in Wichita, KS, you need to make sure that your space is fully protected. Unfortunately, your landlord’s insurance policy may not cover everything, leaving you vulnerable in case of an accident. Learn how renters’ insurance policy can protect you in the event of unexpected damage and the coverages under it.

What Is Renters’ Insurance?

Renters’ insurance is property insurance that covers a policy holder’s belongings, liabilities, and even living expenses in case of loss. This insurance is available to persons renting a single-family home, apartment or condo, and protects the tenants against losses to their personal property.

Coverages under the renters’ insurance policy include:

  • Contents- Protects your furniture, clothing, and other items from the covered risks
  • Loss of use- Provides compensation for additional living expenses when a covered loss prevents you from living in your home
  • Personal liability- Helps in paying for bodily injury or covered damages caused by accident in your home
  • Building alterations- It pays for covered damages to any additions, alterations, and installations you make to your home

Renters’ Insurance Laws in Kansas

There is no federal law in Kansas that mandates tenants to have renters’ insurance. Some landlords, however, may need proof of renters’ insurance as part of the lease agreement.

The building is the landlord’s responsibility, and a tenant’s renters’ insurance will not cover the structure.

Why Get Renters’ Insurance

A Renters’ insurance policy can protect you against losses to your personal property through damages or theft. It covers your belongings, whether they are at home, in your car, or with you when traveling.

No matter how modest your lifestyle is, replacing all your possessions is costly, but with renters’ insurance, the loss is minimized. The Insurance Hub LLC in Wichita, KS has an excellent team dedicated to helping you get the right policy for your home. Contact us or visit our office in Kansas.

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